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Dimora – FUA Guest Apartments is the creative learning lab operated by the students and faculty of APICIUS International School of Hospitality and welcomes families and friends visiting FUA students and FUA alumni. Dimora embodies the philosophy of Florence University of the Arts (FUA) of going beyond the classroom and integrating students in the city of Florence through experiential learning. APICIUS International School of Hospitality students are involved in the daily operations of Dimora as part of their academic coursework, which are managed by Apicius faculty. Students learn how to run a business in the hospitality industry as well as the basic skills of customer care in a professional environment.


Le Stanze

Le Stanze di


Le Fiorentine


Simonetta Cattaneo ritratta dal Botticelli


Le Fiorentine

Dimora è situato nel  “Palazzo dell’ospitalità” di APICIUS International School of Hospitality a due passi dal Duomo.

Located in the Palazzo dell’Ospitalità (FUA Hospitality building) right next to the Duomo. Dimora is fully equipped with ensuite rooms that pay homage to three inspiring Florentine women: 

Simonetta Cattaneo Vespucci

Lucrezia Buti

Anna Maria Luisa Medici

Guests are invited to reside at Dimora for a memorable visit, and to enrich the academic experiences of APICIUS students. 



Una Finestra

sulla città

Cemi Events at FUA



FUA is the first academic institution in Italy to establish integration projects affiliated to its academic departments and open to the public, in the form of Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) under the auspices of the Palazzi Foundation. The CEMI are: